We live in an age when the entire perception of an organisation can be made based on their online presence. First impressions matter and when potential customers look you up online, a dated website, broken links and even whether your company fails to use https can push them to your competitor. We help our customers to ensure that their online presence suits the image they are trying to deliver and keeps customers interested.


The purpose of projects is to deliver value to the end user, whether that is your internal staff or customers, this is why understanding projects and the issues commonly faced is key. While some organisations get hung up on what methodology and, in some cases, ideology, we focus on the practicalities of ensuring projects deliver the benefit your business is looking for.

We have experience through the entire project lifecycle and know the importance of not just delivering the outcome of a project but also ensuring that the business is prepared to manage the delivered system through to decommissioning. This focus on delivering a sustainable system helps avoid the all too frequent scenario of a project being delivered that cannot be maintained by the business.


While unglamorous, your IT department is the heart of your company, without it, you would not be able to deliver to your customers or even pay your staff, this is why it is important to ensure it runs smoothly. At Solutions Delivered we understand this and focus on ensuring the stability of your infrastructure while freeing up your IT staff to focus on delivering greater benefit to the users.